The Sturgeon Club

Sturgeon are only present in a few lakes in Michigan. Their presence is a major manifestation of water quality. So Burt Lake’s indigenous population is a critical, visible and quantifiable measurement of the success of the BLPA’s efforts to preserve and protect Burt Lake. They’re our “Canaries in the coal mine.”

While existing efforts to increase sturgeon population have had some success, the best long term development approach is to focus on neo-natal homing habits of native Burt Lake sturgeon rather than “Transplants” from other areas.

Lots of people are interested in the sturgeon; sport fishermen, conservationists, scientists, the DNR, the local Tribes, anyone who wants to keep Burt Lake special. You are all encouraged to join The Sturgeon Club. Together we can make progress on some common objectives:

  • Sustain an adult Lake Sturgeon population of 2,000
  • Support a sports fishery with defined harvest limits that will not adversely impact sustainability
  • Enhance natural spawning habitat

Members of the Sturgeon Club will be asked to contribute their time, talent and/or money to accomplish these objectives.

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