BLPA Projects

Lake Sturgeon

The Sturgeon Club

All our members are encouraged to join The Sturgeon Club. Together we can make progress on some of our common objectives and support this ancient symbol of water quality.

Burt Lake Trail

The 18 mile trail, linking the North Western State Trail and the North Central State Trail, provides a safe route to bike, hike, and enjoy the scenery around the north end of Burt Lake.

Burt Lake Trail
Lake Shoreline

Shoreline Surveys

The BLPA has underwitten two major surveys to study and document the conditions that potentially impact the water quality of Burt Lake.

Sheriff Patrols

We are investing in more manpower and boats to improve the safety on Burt Lake, thus increasing patrols and reducing response times to emergencies.

Patrol Boat
U of M Research Students

U of M Research Study

Eight U of M Biology Station student researchers completed a major survey of Burt Lake’s conditions. The plan covers the health of our freshwater lake and the its many environmental and ecological concerns.

Eurasian Watermilfoil

Through eradication and continuous monitoring, we have protected Burt Lake from this invasive species.

Eurasian Watermilfoil
Tall Grass Near Shoreline

Restore the Shore

Shoreline vegetation helps prevent erosion, traps sediment, removes runoff pollution, and provides valuable wildlife habitat.


27 miles of northern Michigan’s highways are kept clean by the generous volunteering efforts of the  Burt Lake Preservation Association and its members.

Septic System Maintenance

Septic Maintenance

The biggest cause of excess nutrients is poorly functioning septic systems. Management is the key to a lasting wastewater disposal system.

Green Docks, Veterans Pier

These improvements in Indian River improve access to the river and lake for everybody.

Green Docks, Indian River, MI