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New Boating and Fishing Laws

Beginning March 21, watercraft users in Michigan are required to take steps to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species.

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BLPA Contributes Rescue Boat
The BLPA made a $13,000 contribution to the Topinabee Fire Department (TFD) in August to purchase a rescue boat to be used only on Burt Lake for water/boating rescues and boat fires


Boating Safety Certificate

Required for all persons born on or after December 12, 1978  to operate a personal watercraft on Michigan waters. A certificate is obtainable online at

or by attendance at a local safety class.









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Forest Fire Risk is High

That’s why open burning has not been allowed in most of Northern Michigan this spring. You can check with the DNR website for the latest information on whether or not you are allowed to conduct open burning in your area:


Eurasian Watermilfoil Monitoring

To prevent the spead of this invasive aquatic plant, litoral shoreline areas are being mapped by drones to monitor growth trends to determine the need for management methods.








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