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Community Affairs

Mike Cherveny, Chris Kindsvatter

Through active monitoring of local, county, state and national governmental agencies on issues impacting Burt Lake and its watershed, BLPA is in a position to participate in and influence decisions considered critical to good lake practices. Its members regularly attend meetings of township and county boards. To stay abreast of current issues on a state-wide basis we frequently liaise with other organizations with similar goals and have engaged a legislative representative in Lansing.

Environment and Land Use
Mike Supernault

Works on issues of preservation of wildlife habitat and open land, the health of the shorelines and tributaries, the development of well-conceived improvements, recycling, and clean-up efforts within the watershed. They are the main impetus behind the "Restore the Shore" project.

Waterway Use and Safety
 Dave Steenstra

Dedicated to issues of safety, boating, fishing, water quality testing, aquatic nuisance species control. Home of "The Sturgeon Club."


Marketing and Communications
John Roberts

Responsible for "Mass" communication activity;  merchandise, publicity, advertising, newsletters, website, calendars, directory 


Patricia Craig

Responsible for retention and growth of membership through direct personal contact; shoreline representatives, annual meetings and other special events. The goal for BLPA is membership in excess of 1000.


Administration and Finance
Mike Cherveny, Bill Kanine

Maintains stewardship of association funds, manages appropriate reporting to taxing bodies overseas operations.


Charlie Gano

Oversight of organization structure, processes and personnel assignments

Burt Lake for the Future Fund

Frank Kestler
Focuses donations and memorials on long term investments to protect and  improve Burt Lake. 


These committees are where the work of the BLPA is accomplished. We can always use more help. Please consider volunteering where your skills and interests coincide.

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