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The Mission of the BLPA

is the preservation and improvement of Burt Lake and its watershed for quality use by future generations. To do this we will unify the lake community to confront the key issues involving the lake and its watershed.   Working in cooperation with federal, state, and local government entities, educational institutions, foundations, conservancies, and other resources, the Association will contribute financial and human resources to fill this goal.



President:  Jim Burke


Vice President: Charlie Gano 


Treasurer:  Mike Cherveny 

Secretary:   Gina Burke 



Billy Andrew        231-420-9231

Dave Chapman   248-613-1987

Patricia Craig.     248-202-3073

Bill Kanine           231-347-8416

Greg Kosch         248-227-3018
Chris Kindsvatter 517-202-9926

Frank Kestler       231-529-6963

Jane McGinnis    231-238-4030

Katie Parker        231-499-8289

Mac Richardson  231-238-7872

John Roberts      630-267-4555
Dave Steenstra  

Karie Slavik         734-763-4462

Mike Supernault  231-238-8029

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